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Tips for Winter Driving

The time since we announced with falling temperatures, winter does not officially begin until December 21, but frost, snow and cold, and joined us for a few many days. Believe it or not, our driving, you deviate to other seasons and so we bring you these tips for winter driving.

The car control is very important, especially when there is ice on the road. If your car is a ccelerating on ice, you can lose control of the car. Regarding the wheels, just because you have four-wheel drive and snow tires with studs does not mean you can drive safely at 75 mph on ice. Maintain caution and appropriate limits velocuidad are essential when it comes to winter driving.

It is very important to carry some emergency items in your car such as flares, blankets, candles, matches, tire chains and a small folding shovel Because as the saying goes, prevention is better than cure, and on the road, more yet. A lomej or think these tips are good for nothing but can save your life if you are on aside street of the country during the winter. Getting your kids to school or yourself to work on a snow day can be an adventure. First, sweep the snow from the car,start the car, turn on the defroster, and then calmly, and begin the journey.

And for those days when the protagonist is not the snow, but the ice should know that you should never throw hot water on afrozen windshield, a sit may break the glass. And yes use a scraper or start your car early and let the heat do the work.


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